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Earn money playing Market Glory Game

MarketGlory is a life simulation game online on Business , Politics , and WAR between countries . Here you can play and socialize with other players while increasing your cash money that can later be thawed through your bank account . Immediately, a brief guide to how to start MarketGlory

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Once you sign up , what you have to do now is :
1 . ) FIGHT 10X
MarketGlory can only do 10 x Fight in a day . , With a delay time of approximately 10 minutes per fight . You can get referrals for free if you wait do FIGHT at 01:05 (server time - at about 5:05 am in the morning ) If you win the fight ( 99 % wins ) player will become your referrals and pay 10 % of their profits ( if they are active ) .

How to improve the S that I received after completing the fight ?to increase your pay , before doing FIGHT buy some newspapers ( try searching for the cheapest ) . you just can Buy 10 newspapers / day , if not more will add energy , the higher the energy you received USD higher the .. there are many ways to increase your energy in addition to buying a newspaper , by eating or consuming coffee , wine or cheese that can not be done by beginners . because you need to buy in advance .REMEMBER , ALLIES KEY ENERGY HERE . You have to do the calculations in order to get maximum profit reply . Calculate the amount of expenditure on the purchase of energy ( Newspapers and Milk )My advice , buy 10 newspapers first , if still enough money to buy milk and do FIGHT 10x ...How to Buy Newspaper :
click the Home Scroll down to the bottom, Article, buy, Make the milk HQ : there is in the local market and select dairy
Take advantage of Cuisine HQ : there in the local market and select cuisine products Hours ate there 4 times ie 7:15 , 13:15, 19:15 and 1:15 pm
to obtain the maximum bonus when using bonus fight over the 3 sources of energy before the fight you there at number 14( my advice for a newbie to use cuisine during fight bonuses max or 10 )Time Reset Server :What is a server reset time ? ie a state in which all events / activities you can do again / reset ( except Work and Drink Milk ) .Reset is 00.00 hours ( game time ) / 04.00 am ( BST ) ( real time ) , which reset are :
Can read the newspaper 10 x again ( ie you buy newspapers hour 3:50 pm 10x ( add 3 energy ) , then the hours 4:05 pm you can add energy back to buy another 10 papers ( 3 extra energy again )Fight Referrals back to 0 ( you can do the fight 10x more )Remember ! ! Work and Drinking Milk still counted 1x24 hour clock you first .

Here , you can work 1x every 24 hours , make sure you do berturut2 for 3 days . MarketGlory has superworker bonus , which requires 3 days continuously make " Work " .so if you forget to work on days -2 , you lose the opportunity to earn bonus money from the system .

3 . ) ARENA
Work Fight and above purpose is to raise capital to participate in the arena . You have at least 25 IDR to qualify arena . ( actually S you can already join the arena regardless of the origin of the terms below are met , but my advice is to collect 25 IDR in advance , because if one of the following requirements are not met , you will not be able to bonuses and even a loss )Terms Arena :
You should at least have 1 weapon and 1 defense ( before 4 am ) , you can buy it in the local market .energy must be above 5 ( before 04.00 am EDT hour real )Minimum level your arena Novice 1 ( Arena Points 5 )If you have a good strategy arena , within 3/4 days that you spend capital ( 25IDR ) 2 x folding could return even more .you can hit the trainer continuously with max level is novice 2 , d over 2 novice you have to scramble to beat the existing d gladiator arena arena main purpose is : Getting Bonus Daily Euro regularly every hour reset ( about 4 o'clock pm ) .
The number of daily EURO bonus gained by your Arena rating . ( Minimum novice 1 )

Payment proof:

In addition to the Arena , and fight your goal of work is to open a factory or company to obtain income / profit on a regular basis ... Here there are two factories that free newspaper and cow farm , to another plant to be purchased with a capital of 10 euros . Whatever plants you buy , it will produce a profit later , depending on how your strategy in the factory process .Note : Keep in mind , though paper mills and farm cow free , you MUST collected 2 Gold or around 42.XX USD ( you can 2.91 Gold ) for the right to invest in factories , 2 Gold it will be used to pay employees and purchase of materials / plant material .Workplaces or slots to add workers there d Workplaces features to upgrade the company there are 2 options :a. permanent upgrade . upgrade 30 day safter 3 months then ended the extend required licenses for newspapers , milk , raw mill and factory low quality usually only require 1 euro . for normal quality and high quality 3 euro 5 euro .

You can Fight and defend your country or invade other countries and other countries war fund is one of the highest earning this game .Requirement to follow the war are :
Energy of at least 20Weapons and Armor at least 1My advice , for starters, dont go to war first , unless you enough energy to replenish capital by 20
Fight ago after it Work ! : You need to perform 10 x Fight ago until the end and after the work , because if you work or work amid being first fight , would quickly run out of energy which makes the fight a very small income .Energy is reduced by 5 % every hour , -10 % and -50 % of each Fight each Work .

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